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85% of our clients work with us because they have a hunch things could be better in their team or organisation but they aren’t completely sure what they need, 15% come to us because they know they want to fix a particular issue. We create empowering learning experiences that combine our wisdom and experience of teams with your wisdom and experience of your team and environment.  

So whether over a few hours, a few days or months, let our brilliant team bring out the brilliance in yours.

Individual and Team Coaching


We use a blended approach of business as usual observations, individual and team coaching and development days to disentangle what has become tangled, strengthen the relationship dynamics and the teams’ resourcefulness to generate solutions for whatever emerges within the organisation. We build the teams capability in using its own team intelligence to evaluate and self correct as it evolves. We want to make sure that when when we disappear, your brilliance doesn’t.


Interdependent teams form large and complex systems whether operating temporarily as a project team or forming and re-forming permanently in the organisation. A change in one part affects the others and so we work with you over 6-12 months to create alignment, robustness to change and cohesion so that the individual teams use their experience, talent and skills to accelerate the collective performance.

Organisational Systems Coaching
Team Coaching


Reveals and utilises the team strengths, illuminates hidden issues and dynamics and ensures you are able to grow, face challenges, tackle problems and deliver solutions in a way that is dynamic, robust and sustainable. Changing behaviours and habits takes effort and time so we partner with you over 6 months to ensure your intentions become a reality.


Practical, experiential and highly interactive team days to raise awareness and commitment around the vital components that play a part in building team brilliance. Your team may want to increase trust, become more able to surface and resolve conflict, strengthen communication & connection or align on decision making and accountability. As every team is different, we design the days specifically for you.

Team Development

Future-proof your business by building Intelligent Teams



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